Level 2: Stabilization


Beginning in the Fall of 2016 Empowering Lives Guardianship Services LLC (ELGS) will offer crisis Stabilization guardianship services for those individuals who may benefit from more intensive guardianship services. This intensive need may come from a variety of sources:


  • extremely difficult family interactions requiring management

  • an individual with a severe and persistant mental illness

  • an individual with a two or more diagnoses from the mental health, substance abuse,intellectual developmental disability continuim of care.


This service has a 3 month minimum per individual.

Level 1: Consultation

​​Empowering Lives Guardianship Services LLC (ELGS) now offers consultation by telephone or in person to assist those guardians of the persons who need guidance while trying to meet their obligations as the guardian of the person.  This guidance is not legal advice, but guardianship practice guidance. Those receiving consultation services will benefit from Cassandra Massenburg's and Stacey Skradski's combined guardianship experience of over seventeen years in the State of North Carolina and over thirty-eight years combined direct care and care coordination for those individuals who receive mental health, intellectual developmental disability and substance abuse services.  ELGS willl provide guidance to help the guardian of the person navigate the mental health system, the Social Security system and legal system as indicated.



Guardianship Services


Empowering Lives Guardianship Services LLC (ELGS)   specializes in working with adults who are in need of a Guardian of the Person as identified in NC General Statute § 35A. In accordance with this law and/or appointment letter, as the Guardian of the Person ELGS will :


  •  Include the individual in the decision making process to the best of their ability

  • Make decisions for care

  • Make decisions for treatment

  • Make decisions on where the individual is to  live

  • Sign all legal documents

  • Work as an advocate

  • Arrange for someone to handle money if needed

  • Communicate with the Power of Attorney,  the Guardian of the Estate and health providers

  • Assist the individual in restoring competenct when appropriate

  • Communicate with the NC Courts on the status of the guardianship for each individual annually or as requested by each County Clerk of Court


In the case of a limited guardianship, ELGS provides guardianship in accordance with the appointment letter.


Crisis Guardianship Services

Training and Education


In this world of Healthcare Management Organizations (HMO) and North Carolina Managed Care Organizations (MCO) getting needed services are becoming increasingly difficult.  Empowering Lives Guardianship Services LLC (ELGS)  has a positive track record of working through the systems for those we serve.  To help others become more successful in their quest for services, ELGA has decided to add training and education opportunities to their services.  Trainings are tailored to the needs of the customer.

Mail to:

P.O. Box 20786

Winston-Salem, NC 27120

Winston-Salem                                    Raleigh

T: 336-714-9790 x 1004                           T: 919-799-2223 x 1010

F: 855-771-8948                                        F: 855-771-8948

                    Crisis: Office number, option 9

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